Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Different Types of Solar Shades / Vertical Shades

The Universal Vertical Shade / Solar Shade

The universal model solar shade is a very versatile shading system.  This vertical shade can be mounted either on the interior or exterior of your structure.

Solar Shade Solar Shade Features Include:     
  • Compact Vertical Shade Construction (makes it an ideal solution for balcony shade)      
  • Shade Operation can be manual or motorized     
  • Several shades can be linked together to shade a larger area      
  • Minimum Shade width 1'3" - Maximum width 16'5"      
  • Minimum Vertical Drop 1'3" - Maximum drop 13'1" 

Wind and Insect Solar Screen Shade

State-of-the-art Ventosol-Lunero Solar Screen System excludes light and Wind and Insect Solar Shade insects.

The SIR-System™ (Soft Integrated Retaining System), works like a zipper and provides optimum guidance of the fabric into position.  

Available for both Vertical and Horizontal shade applications  

Shade Operation can be manual or motorized

The Lunero Solar Screen model can be used to block wind, sun and insects  

Rated up to 60 mph depending on installation and location

Rolling Side Solar PrivacyShade - Siro

If you are looking for a privacy shade for your patio or balcony, the Siro Rolling Privacy is just what you are looking for.  This versatile shade not only protects you from prying eyes but also high winds and the blinding glare of the low setting sun.  

The shade can be pulled out by hand using an adjustable handle and secured in position. An integrated spring shaft tensions the fabric permanently and gives optimum hold. When rolled in, the fabric is protected in the tasteful aluminium box.  

The SIRO can be used for many applications. The whole shade is simply hung in the wall console and secured. Additional consoles allow the system to be moved from place to place with little effort.

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